Founded in 2022, Wildalea is a tax and accounting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in accounting, business, and tax services for high-net-worth individuals and small businesses. Wildalea boasts a small, but mighty team catering to multi-layered taxes specializing in real estate, limited partnerships, investments, and more. Today, Wildalea serves more than 80 clients with taxes filed in nearly half of the United States.


Pronounced "will-dah-lee”, the name Wildalea comes from a blend of Founder & President, Cheri Turner’s children's names. This name is an indication of her family values that translates into her ability and wish to serve.


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Founder & President


With more than 25 years of accounting and finance experience, founder Cheri Turner, MBA, EA, CPA has a knack for tax. After fine-tuning her financial analysis skills at two different multinational financial institutions, Cheri pursued her love for tax at an Atlanta-based CPA firm specializing in tax services. She secured an Enrolled Agent (EA) status, the highest credential the IRS awards, and eventually moved up the corporate ladder to president. After achieving her Certified Public Accounting (CPA) degree, Cheri decided to officially open her own business and bring her passion project Wildalea to life in 2022.


Managing Director


As an administration leader and experienced tax pro, Ashley Nelson is the task master of Wildalea. With more than 10 years of managerial experience, Ashley is a certified office administrator with a keen eye to detail and project management. She has served the tax and accounting industry for over four years and is actively pursuing an Enrolled Agent (EA) status to further refine her tax skills. Ashley has supported the Wildalea brand since its inception in 2022 and has worked closely with Cheri to develop all business processes. She has special expertise in tax controversy and enjoys working one-on-one with clients to resolve tax issues and introduce them to all Wildalea has to offer.  


Tax Adminstrator


Edward Turner is a recent alumnus of Kennesaw State University, with 5 years of experience in Tax Administration. He worked for three years at an Atlanta-based CPA firm to learn the ins and outs of tax documentation and preparation while in college pursuing a business psychology degree. He specializes in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and has a passion for helping businesses and employees work together to optimize business efficiency, while simultaneously increasing workplace morale and employee satisfaction. Edward's best skills include a strong knowledge base of tax documents and business administration, attention to detail, and a passion for the highest degree of customer service. His favorite thing about working at Wildalea is his team - they never fail to raise him up, push him to be better, and make him laugh.